An introduction to Cypréos France Éponges

Present in all sponge fishing areas for several generations, CYPREOS France SPONGES works in close collaboration with sponge fishermen all over the world to make sure that this tradition continues while maintaining the utmost respect for marine resources.

In fact, even though commercial sponges only account for some fifteen of the 8000 species currently listed by spongiologists, we are trying to ensure that these sponges are only cut away from their supporting structures and not torn off, so that the root may be preserved and each sponge may rapidly re-grow.

From production directly to sales, CYPREOS France EPONGES offers its wholesale clients a vast selection of sponges from extremely varied sources. From the Fine, Scaphander, and Kapadika of the Mediterranean to the Wool, Grass, and Hard Head of the Caribbean, we always have in stock a wide range of sponges.

CYPREOS France EPONGES also imports from Havana the entire Cuban’s sponge production, where they do their best to help the sponge fishers and the workers in the industry to preserve this practice known since antiquity.

The use of sea sponges also meets the highly specialised requirements of the cosmetics industry (make-up removal sponges), the baby-care industry (babies’ sponges) and personal grooming (ideal for use in baths, spas, and specialist face-lifting) as well as providing the requirements in terms of durability needed in cleaning and maintenance work (washing cars and walls, decorative sponge painting, etc…)

As for our prices, they are generally highly varied, depending on the following parameters: world production, origin, size, texture, durability, external appearance (form or cut), and treatment (raw, natural, or bleached).